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Roof Detail Sheets

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Typical Layout

Typical Sheet Layout Typical Perimeter Design Typical End lap
Typical T joint Typical Fall arrest  


Perimeter edge with metal Perimeter edge with flashings Perimeter wind loading


Gravel Stop Edge Zero Edge Edge termination


Parapet wall Parapet Wall#2 Parapet Wall #3
Parapet Wall #4 Parapet Wall #5  

Wall flashing

Wall Flashing #1 Wall flashing #2 Wall flashing #3
Wall Flashing #4

Expansion Joint

Expansio Joint #1 Expansion Joint #2 Expansion Joint #3

Curb Detail

Curb Detail #1 Curb Detail #2


Drain #1 Drain #2 Drain #3
Scupper Drain #1 Scupper Drain #2  


Guter Detail Door Threshold Temporary Asphalt Tie in

Preferred Installers

All proSeal roofing systems are installed by registered and certified professional roofing contractors that practice the highest level of integrity . To locate an installer near you, contact us directly and we provide you with a professional proSeal roofing contractor.


Periodic Inspections

When is the last time you had your roof inspected?  A little maintenance today can save you money tomorrow.  Contact us today and book your roof inspection.