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Here at RPW Associates, Inc/proSeal Roofing we don't just sell our products and call it a day.  We offer services that benefit property owners, design firms, and contractors alike. Our goals and objectives are structured on our ability to provide unsurpassed customer services support to fulfill your needs.

Roof Inspections

As a building owner you don't want to hear that you suddenly have a major issue with your roof.  Preventative maintenance begins with inspections.  We can inspect your roof and provide you with a detailed report showing the status of your roof.  Periodic inspections can give you a clear picture of where your roof is now compared to its state in previous inspections, help you plan appropriate maintenance and stop issues before they expand.  Protect your investment, book your inspection today!

Request a roof survey today by completing and returning our Roof Survey Request form.  Click below to open the form.

Roof Survey Request Form

Contractor Training

The finished installation may look like it was easy but don't be fooled. Our products are installed by trained, qualified installers.  Whether you install roofs on buildings, modular structures, install decks, or some of everything, the right training for your crew is vital.  Warranty protection depends on qualified installation so as a building owner, insist that your installer is a certified proSealTM Roof System installer.

Modular Manufacturers Certification

RPW Associates Inc now offers a certification program to all modular manufacturers. This program is for the registration of each completed unit providing you with a 15 year material and workmanship warranty for all proSealTM modular roofing systems. Complete your eligibility application today and submit to Customer Services at .


 Eligibility Application | Sample Warranty


Roofing Your Way

RPW Associates offers the option of purchasing the proSealTM C3 roof membranes in rolls sizes that accommodate your project instead of a standard roll length. This allows for further cross seams eliminating additional costs for the completion of these and more importantly reduces the membrane waste factor on projects. Our customer services team can assist in the right roll length you need for your project at accost of less than half of one cent per square foot. You don’t have to products in roll sizes just because it’s easier for them to produce it that way.  The proSealTM roofing system is designed to make it easier for you to conduct Roofing Your Way!


Direct to Owner

RPW Associates, Inc now offers property managers and building owners the opportunity to deal directly with the manufacturer for a one stop roofing contract program, thus ensuring you only ever have one source to deal with and only ONE number to call. WE offer complete review of your roofing needs, proper roof design, with the most competitive project pricing available in today’s marketplace. All of the proSealTM roofing systems are installed only by professional registered proSealTM applicators whereas we always obtain multiple  quotations on your behal. We can provide complete project management whereas the contracts can be assigned directly with RPW Associates, Inc,  One call, One Source, One Warranty.


Stay Informed...

There's no question that communication is an  important part of business.  RPW Associates Inc. believes that keeping our customers updated on new products, services, or technical issues is as important as having prooven, reliable products.  Sign up today for our periodic newsletters and bulletins and stay informed.

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