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There's more to a roof than only the membrane.  RPW Associates. Inc. not only provides proSealTM roof membrane, we provide the products that create a complete roof system.  We also carry outdoor pedestrian flooring systems, building wrap as well as a host of other roofing products.  Please follow the links below for more information.

 Roof Membranes

proSealTM PVC / TPA thermoplastic roof systems provide the highest quality roof system available in today's roofing market.

proSealTM C3 is produced from the highest quality raw products available in today's marketplace to ensure the lasting quality and performance required. Available in 40 mil (1.0 mm), 45 mil (1.1 mm) , 48 mil (1.2mm) , 60 mil (1.5mm) and 80 mil (2.0) thickness with membrane widths up to 156" (13'). All proSealTM C3 membranes are energy efficient with over 87% refectivity to reduce solar gain and are manufactured with the evironment in mind whereas up to 40% of the manufacturing product waste in re-cycled into the underside of the product reducing the demands on landfill sites. All proSealTM roof systems are installed by only certified and registered professional roofing contractors in their geopgraphical regions.

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Modular Membranes

RPW Associates, Inc is a premium supplier of custom fabricated roof systems especially designed for the portable, pre-assembled, amd mobile building industry. We offer both proSealTM PVC/TPA Modular and proSealTM Modular EPDM roof systems. Each roof system is designed to fit your application in size as well as performance. All roof systems are custom fabricated to suit your need and then certified within our facility for accuracy and continuity. In conjunction with a full range of roofing asseccories and specialty products we can assure all of your needs are fulfilled. Our just in time product shipping programs allows you to have as much or as little as you need to avoid high inventory costs which can reduce your profits. RPW Associates state of the art fabrication programs provide the capability of producing over 40,000 ft2 / day of custom cut membrane to your needs for next day shipping.

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Roofing Accessories

    A roof is made up of more than just the membrane. RPW Associates, Inc. can provide the accessories and products you need to do the job right.

    Roof Drains




    These are just a few of the items we either carry in stock or can have brought in special order.  Please contact us for more information.

Preferred Roofers

All proSeal roofing systems are installed by registered and certified professional roofing contractors that practice the highest level of integrity . To locate an installer near you, contact us directly and we provide you with a professional proSeal roofing contractor.

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