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For over 30 years proSealTM Roof Systems has provided quality roof systems, solutions and accessories.

We provide roofing solutions for a  variety of applications:

 RPW Associates, Inc.

RPW Associates, Inc. is a corporation dedicated to the improvement of roofing systems one project or application at a time. There is no objective to conquer the roofing world like many others, as we see no purpose in being a company that cannot  fulfill our obiligations to our customer or more so to the projects that are relying on our roof systems for long term performance. We believe that it's through our customer support programs that are designed to assist your needs..... its our roof systems that fulfill your requirements.

More About proSealTM Roofing Systems 

proSealTM roofing systems and that of the proSealTM C3 thermoplastic membranes offer distinctive advanced performance. Unlike traditional PVC roofing membranes, or that of TPO, the proSealTM C3 membranes are a Tri-Polymer Alloy (TPA)offer higher flexibility and durability as well as long term performance. Utilizing Dupont’s® Elvaloy Kee instead of traditional plasticizers proSealTM C3 membranes maintain enhanced performance which results in a superior product while maintaining excellent fire resistance and chemical capability not common to other thermoplastic membranes in today’s market Proven...Reliable... Performance!  “ One Roof at a Time”



Periodic Inspections

When is the last time you had your roof inspected?  A little maintenance today can save you money tomorrow.  Contact us today and book your roof inspection.


Preferred Roofers

All proSealTM roofing systems are installed by registered and certified professional roofing contractors that practice the highest level of integrity . To locate an installer near you, contact us directly and we provide you with a professional proSeal roofing contractor..