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proSealTM roofing systems are of unsurpassed quality and performance which offer no plasticizer migration, no chlorine, fully recyclable and energy efficient reducing energy costs.  proSealTM C3 membranes are available in 40, 45, 60 and 80 mil thicknesses and all membranes are provided with available warranty programs up to 30 years at no additional cost to the end user. proSealTM roofing systems were first introduced in 1984 and have continuously provided peace of mind.. “One roof at a time!”


proSealTM Modular Roofing systems offer distinctive advantage over other available products. proSealTM C3 4m (13’) wide extruded membranes are the widest available in today’s marketplace. This offers you a virtually seamless application that reduces production costs and is easily installed with a one coat adhesive application and are available in either a vinyl backed or felt backed product



Easy to install

o   Installation of a proSealTM one piece roof system is quick and easy

o   Installation of the proSealTM C3 feltbacked membrane can be used in new construction as well as providing an economicalsolution for retrofitting directly over PVC , EPDM, TPO metal or Modified roof system with the same adhesive applications.

Energy efficient

o   proSealTM white surface reflects upwards of over 87% of the sun’s solar rays reducing energy costs which can provide upwards of a 50% savings


o   all proSealTM C3 modular membranes are surface embossed for added safety by improving the slip resistance. Our surface embossing also allow the surface glare to be reduced by fraction the light


o   lightweight yet reinforced with a woven polyester makes the membrane impervious to moisture penetration, without adding weight to the facility construction

Environmentally efficient

o   proSealTM C3 membranes are produced utilizing a process called “Elutriation” which reduced the industrial waste by over 45%, this along with No Plasticzer Migration, No chlorine and 100% recyclable


o   proSealTM C3 modular membranes remain flexible in all temperatures and are tested for cold temperature flexibility at -40C

Repairs/ site installation

o   Please contact our office for more information.


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